Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Backwards

We've all had a break-up (or more then one), usually when we are the dumpee, when we hope we can get back together with our ex. Sometimes you do have your ex crawling back to you, and begging you to take them back.

As I have stated before, I am very against the break-up/make-up type of relationship. I have seen if work only a handful of times, and most of those circumstances involved long distance relationships. Those type of relationships come off as very unhealthy and stressful, and they are!

Usually when your ex comes back asking for another chance, you tend to think about all the good times you have had, all the memories you have, and how well you know each other. Part of the "getting back together" is based on those things, especially the comfortable aspect of things. You know each other pretty well. You know each others likes and dislikes, vices and your virtues, annoying habits and the cute little things. I like to call those "sweatpants relationships." Sweatpants relationships are like those old favorite comfortable sweatpants that you have. They are the rattiest, old, faded sweatpants you own, and would probably not even want your best friend to see you in. Even if you swear you will never wear those sweatpants again, you can't seem to throw them out. A sweatpants relationship is similar to those sweatpants. You're so comfortable in that relationship, that no matter how many times you break up, you end up getting back together, you can't throw that relationship away.

It is healthier for you to finally end this type of relationship. To find someone you are truly happy with, instead of someone you are always fighting with, and breaking up with.

Aren't you tired of breaking up, and then hearing promise after promise only to know they will turn into broken promises. You're hearing excuse after excuse and it's the same one over and over again. It's probably not going to change. It's a cycle you have to break.

Your significant other should not be looking around picking out the worse person and saying well, at least I don't act like that. Or at least I don't treat you like that. They should be seeing the best person out there and trying to top them. Not saying they should buy you extravagant gifts and take you fancy places, but just to treat you right, and respect you. Consider and think of you, take your feelings into account.

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